Bob Dylan’s Nobel prize…

…totally made my day.

It’s an extremely unpopular opinion here, but damn.


8 thoughts on “Bob Dylan’s Nobel prize…

  1. I think this was a good thing. I’ve always thought the “John Wesley Harding” album quite thoughtful, especially as it contains All Along the Watchtower

  2. I admit I’ve never really understood the appeal of Bob Dylan, but he’s inspired so many people all around the world and become such an iconic figure that I can’t help but be happy for him all the same.

    Could be because I didn’t pay much attention to him. He was big during a time when I was too young to notice his music or its significance, and by the time I was older there was other music and styles etc to follow.

    1. Basically, this: it’s not just his “private” Nobel prize, it’s something like a “highbrow” recognition of the “pop” (which includes everything non-jazz, non-classical and non-folk) music being able to have meaningful lyrics.

          1. I actually think that Dylan best represents the idea of what the prize was all about in the first place. He most definitely qualifies as a poet in the classic sense…heck, even a true bard.

            Like he really plugs his 13 Grammys, 6 Hall of Fame awards and dozens of other awards and honors at gigs…or EVER.

            1. Who does plug any of their awards, anyway? It would be kinda weird. Kinda Soviet =D
              But really, Dylan writes great lyrics (I may not care about the love songs – to me, these had all been written by the 13th century; anything later is just a rehash – but the social/political and anti-war stuff is superb), but he’s never been much of a singer, has he :) So this Nobel prize is really “made for him”.

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