Fibermesh eyebrow bundle…

for only $7.5 till Aug 29th!

These are technically for G3 (one pair for G3M, another for G3F), but with a little extra effort (parenting amd manual posing), they will work with any figure.


3 thoughts on “Fibermesh eyebrow bundle…

    1. I see no reason why they wouldn’t – conforming won’t work, but it’s easy to parent them and scale somewhat. I have a similar eyebrow figure for the original Genesis from one of the old Mec4D beta-testing threads, and I’ve used it for just about every Gen3 figure and M4/V4 as well over the years. These have more variety, though =)

      1. Good to know, thanks! Transmapped eyebrows on Gen4 were better for closeups than the texture-only versions, but still didn’t look quite right.

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