…and it only took fifty years!

Or, the science behind the Ents.

Supposing you didn’t fall out of your chairs laughing, let me remind you that this fifty year anniversary is today.

Who would’ve thought.

And who would’ve thought that in summer 2016, Hansi would sing in German for the first time on record, duetting with Micha “Das letzte Einhorn” Rhein of In Extremo.

And sing about all that is good in RUSSIA.

Over ten years ago, Hansi recorded a vocal line for one of our local bands called The Arrow. The album version is a duet with Alexander Cap, but I can’t seem to find it streamable anywhere. So you’ll have to do with a demo fragment that only features Hansi. Funny how it seems to have better production than the finished track… either way. Whatever the official German policy is/was/will be regarding Russia, good people are good people.

And let’s drink to that.


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