isn’t the world economy in a recession, or something?

Ninety bucks for a starter bundle? And I thought Gen5 were expensive. Hell, Gen4 Pro bundles are ninety bucks. It may be a discounted price from the one at release, I don’t know (I first got my Gen4 Starter bundles with the Figures Characters and Avatars book, and only got the Pro bundles much later in a crazy good promotion when they were given away, with either good new releases or a past-some-sum shopping cart).

The character is definitely my favourite out of the whole G3M line (finally a youthful look!), albeit why he, an “Action Hero”, should be so damn short is beyond my understanding.

If I were a new DS user, I might have wishlisted this bundle, but since I’ve been doing this since late 2007 when I first had a trial copy of Poser 5, I just don’t see the appeal.

Especially for the price.

You think this is a good hair model for 2016? I beg to differ.

People who accept anything less realistic than this AprilYSH model – those people use their wallet-voting power for the detriment of the community. As long as we go on to buy subpar efforts, they will be made.


6 thoughts on “isn’t the world economy in a recession, or something?

  1. DAZ has priced me out, though I still shop over there now and again. Always check the Fast Grab, and sometimes they have really good sales. Liked the recent bundle one — early on, I picked up the Brodie Starter Bundle for $10. A glitch; I didn’t get that for a few of the other ones I picked up later. Ah, well.

    The first hair model you linked does nothing for me. I like the Real Short Hair for G2M (Lactis Imagery) but it’s a bit slow to render.

    Kenji is a nice figure, though to me he looks more video game — namely Final Fantasy — than anime. First thought when I saw him was, “Oh, hey, now I can do Cloud, Sephiroth, and Vincent Valentine renders.”

    I still don’t have Michael 7. DAZ keeps providing opportunities to acquire cheap or even free female base characters, but not so much for the guys.

    1. Fast Grab is THE thing now. Love the $3.5 Rendo clearance sales, but they’re damn hard to navigate through.
      These two are up for grabs now, and I’m trying to talk myself out of the Very Obvious Celebrity Pack ™ for M4 – but the likenesses of Sir Ian McKellen and (!!!!) Gérard Depardieu (whom no-one seems to have recognised in the forums) are pushing me towards the checkout button.

      Nothing? Not even a desire to PM the vendor and ask if it happens to be a repurposed model from 2002? =D There were recent “toon” hair models that looked much, much better.

      Just goes to show that the quality of DAZ new releases is just as patchy as at Rendo and Hivewire.

      I don’t have any commercial fibermesh hair models because I have LAMH =) Laticis is a great artist whom I would like to support, but so far investing in no products of his can be justified for me.

      Now, Kenji and anime: I don’t know much about anime or manga, and to me, Final Fantasy is anime enough. It’s Japanese, it’s stylised, so, well… Probably the artists who did the Kenji morph aren’t 100% anime aficionados either, so they think around the same lines.

      I don’t even want M7. Looks like a quality character, but I only use G3 because some custom freebie characters are G3-based – it’s just not a very inspiring figure base to work with. Maybe it’s “the” figure for exporting to iClone for animation, or whatever, but I do stills within DS, and in this context G3 seems more of a step back than forward.

      1. Too often the DAZ sales are tied to buying new releases. Great for the latest wave of DAZ addicts, but not too appealing to someone like me. Once the addiction is broken, though, it’s a lot easier to wait for the sales that work better for my needs. :)

        I considered the Genesis version of the men of character, but ended up passing on it. The M4 version was too celebrity-focused. Not personally into the celebrity thing. Did you end up getting them? I’m sure they’d work fine as a starting point for creating other distinct characters.

        Re: hair, I have enough straight male hair props at this point. Always open to buying more, but I’m picky. If I were doing video game-style hair, I’d shop more at ali’s website. His hair props look more game-like to me. Or I’d just use a toon hair prop.

        I have LAMH but, as with many things DS-related, I’ve never sat down to actually learn to use the thing. I suspect I’m one of those much-mocked “click and render” types. Ha!

        I picked up that Lactis hair prop when it was in FastGrab, so that helped a lot.

        Final Fantasy figures are anime-styled, and most of the FF male characters have a certain “look” to them, which I think Kenji does a pretty good job of capturing. Young, slim, and pretty.

        I actually like M7’s default face, considerably more so than V7’s. There’s something a bit Eurasian about his face, to me. The base character skins are nice too, so I’d pick them up at a less expensive price just for that. At the moment, I have purchased zero G3M characters. :/

        On the up side, I’m acquiring much more G2 content. Muscular men don’t do anything for me, so I’ll probably never use my recently bought Gianni “as is,” but I like his texture. Pretty happy with my Brodie and Jayden bundle purchases too — and I finally picked up the G2 M/F morph bundles. Yay!

        Love those $3.50 clearance sales at Rendo too, but in a way I’m glad they don’t do them more often. I spend a ridiculous amount of money on them!

        1. Nope, the Fast Grab changed after my coffee break =) So I wishlisted them for a later date.
          I don’t care for trendy “celebrities” who may or may not be remembered in 50 years, but “classic” actors are always a great inspiration, and I can see myself trying to copy movie scenes so as to learn something. Which is more fun when you have a likeness of the person =)

          Well, I don’t think in terms of gender but in terms of quality =) If we stick to the same DAZ store, they have OOT’s “stylised” models like this:

          Which is awesome design-wise, and its texture/material combo looks 250% more “realistic” than that of that mess of a model. Let alone the braids.

          LAMH isn’t that hard to use, it just takes a bit of practice to get a feel for the controls, like brush behaviour. And follicle selection/density painting can get tedious, but it’s why I made that cap and put it out as a freebie – saves the hassle. Other than that, it’s quite like IRL – if you know how to create a cut IRL, you can do it in LAMH. Just no gravity at the moment, but the devs promise gravity will come in LAMH2, so that would be amazing for long hair.

          M7 looks a bit like Arnold Schwarzenegger to me, face-wise. I agree the morph is interesting and the whole character looks good in renders, but the underlying G3 model is sort of empty without a lot of additional purchases (morphs, specialised autofit clones, etc).

          Congrats on the G2 morph bundle =) And I got Melody 2.0 for V4 that I didn’t even know existed =) 75% off (the weekly freebie did count as a new release and dropped the price further, even though the promo said “a new release over $1”)

          1. True about the non-gender specific hair. It’s not like I don’t use female hair on male hair fairly often. OOT has been doing a lot of toonish stuff lately, and I do like their style. There was that whole doll series for G2 too. I missed he Eleanor Stylized hair when it was released. I might have to add that one to my “buy one of these days” list.

            Speaking of hair props, I was saddened to read that Joanna/StudioArtVartanian passed away. I have a large number of her hair props, some of which I use a lot. She always came across as such a nice person, and she’ll certainly be missed.

            I held off on buying Melody 2.0 until there was a Micah 2.0, which may never happen. I like the idea of the updated version being only a head so it could be swapped around figures, but I prefer my toonish characters to have a male and female counterpart. I picked up Star! with the expectation she’d have her male counterpart in a short while, but it looks like many more months to wait, if ever. I do have the free Comet morph, though, so that helps.

            I have the original Melody and Micah, which I am very fond of, so I can wait to see if Micah 2.0 ever shows up. I did buy that cute tiger set for Genesis 1; really liked that it came with a nice set of toon hair.

            (I suspect that weekly freebie was how I got the Brodie bundle for $10 instead of $15.)

            If I ever get a couple weeks free to focus on just DS stuff, I’ll try playing with LAMH. Your freebie cap should help a lot in that regard.

            1. I heard about Joanna’s passing away, too. Quite unexpected. Her family must be devastated. I don’t have every hair model of hers, but she’s been one of my top fave modelers in this field ever since she started out.

              I understand =) LittleFox’s old ex-RDNA Krystal figure (human-like, not the free fox also called Krystal) has a built-in boy morph, and it’s used in one of the goth outfit promos – and that was what got me to buy Krystal and some of her outfits =) But somehow in DS this morph behaves weirdly. I hope to find a solution eventually.

              I haven’t yet tried sticking the Melody 2.0 head onto M4, but it seems possible, if it’s even advertised to work with Genesis. And if if you want the textures, M4 can use V4 UV maps easily enough. I just hope it’s possible to grow more or less seamless LAMH fur on the whole system.

              And I hope you do get that free time to play with LAMH. It’s a very cool experience =)

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