close but no cigar

Here is a post I made on the DAZ forums where I try to match my 3Delight mats in Iray.

I don’t check my GPU temperature when I game. Maybe I should log it, or something. These multiple 1.5+ hour Iray sessions raised the GPU temperature to as high as 80C. And I refrained from rendering on hotter days! Oh my. If only I could have air conditioning at home.

And even though I rebuilt my Iray settings from the ground up, making them much closer to my 3Delight materials in structure, there’s still a difference.

I know some people will prefer the Iray look, but hey, these are my materials, so what matters most is my opinion. =P

Either way, I’m glad I undertook this because I learnt more about this “Iray Uber base” DS material. Gotta be useful one day.

Greg, Michele, I remember I sent you my older “magic” presets once; would you be interested in an updated version?



8 thoughts on “close but no cigar

    1. Then expect an email soon in the next few days =)
      Thanks =) There’s really nothing astonishing about it, it’s just that it’s the part I _can_ do, so it makes me feel I accomplish something.

  1. I can’t remember what these were? I know you sent me something for Iray; I recall you using it on David 5. But I’m always interested in good skin shaders, so yes! :)

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