just noticed these titles

The Norwegians Triosphere wrote a full song of their own based on a line from Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken…

…and the Germans Lyriel basically just took the poem and put it to music.

Lyriel are among my top bands of all time, but Triosphere are also worth mentioning, if only for Ida Haukland’s evolution as a singer. Back then in 2007, she was possibly the best out of the whole unofficial “we can haz tr00 metal singing” movement in femfronted metal, but she felt obliged to Always Sing Aggressively (c) as it was the whole point of the movement, and it often felt overdone. Thankfully, it ended, and these days Ida isn’t afraid of mixing many different technical aspects into her vocals. She kinda sounds like a smoothed-over version of Magali Luyten – a low voice that will get somewhat breathy with added rasp, but is capable of more “classical” tones as well (not in the operatic sense, just a fuller resonant sound).

I may not be a No 1 fan of everything Triosphere do musically (the blues and pop influences on their latest album are a bit too much for me, at times, and their proggy riffs can get repetitive, too) or lyrically (especially on the latest album, where a lot of stuff just feels clichéd thematically despite being quite cleverly written), but hey, at least they dare be different. And Ida is still playing bass live, which is a feat.


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