one evening with youtube: the yield, pt II

The video is great.  The song, very nice, and even though I’m not a huge fan of “airy” vocals, the singer is quite capable.

Music to kill time with. Or maybe to play a drinking game, taking a sip each time you identify where a specific element of the music comes from. It seems that Italians are great at copying: their tribute bands sound incredibly close to the originals, and their original music often sounds like an amalgamation of something else.

The singer has an excellent dark timbre, but I plain hate the overdone nasality.

The video is not bad, all those landscapes are cute. Really like the outfit with those feathers/fringe on the shoulders: a very stylish selection of accessories and decorations there.

More Italians. More cute landscapes. More unsolicited cleavage (but not too much). This singer has an unimpressive voice, but some of her harmonic choices are interesting. The strings are a welcome addition.

A Bulgarian band. Classic example of truly well-done but fairly boring and derivative music. That singer can deliver – pity she has to deliver _this_. Moreover… those lyrics about following your dream regardless of cost, now that’s a topic done to death.



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