one evening with youtube: the yield pt 1

The comments on youtube complain that she sounds like the singer from Aqua (a Eurodance band, was relatively big in the 90s here in Russia). Which ain’t a bad thing IMO, and the whole point is to me that while the music does have some sympho/prog elements (the instrumental parts), the melody is plain out pop, which sounds quite Eurodance-y with this relentless beat.

But I’m hesitant to click “like” because I totally do not support all the cleavage shots. Damn, she’s pretty enough not to need that sort of cheap exposure.

There is a burning problem in the world of femfronted metal actually, and it’s hysterical how it’s the same problem we face in hobbyist 3D (and as far as I can see, in anime/manga type of art scene, too): boob overdose.

It’s either that, or this – a boring, casual look:

Interesting how youtube showed me one after the other.

And yet, I would vote for the first band, were it a select-one poll.

See, a casual look apparently says, “We don’t bother to look extra pretty because we’re serious musicians.” But I hear a whole load of pitch correction on the voice of Helion Prime singer. Behind the production, that’s a rather amateurish sounding voice. And the music of HP is more derivative.

Or, here we have a rare inbetween sorta band who gets points for trying real hard: the song is about serious matters, and the singer sort of dressed for the occasion (theatrical but not skimpy), but she’s just a little bit better technically than the previous one, and same goes for the instrumental (although the melody is nice):


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