one evening with youtube: the winning team

Not impressed with the male “growler” (more like whisperer), but the rest is quite well thought-out musically, and the female vocalist is lovely, with a powerful, darker type of voice. The video, very atmospheric.

A band from Madrid, Spain. The video is relatively simple, but clever and very stylish: the “retro” colour grading and vignetting tie all the shots together well. The song may not be groundbreaking, but the melodies move nicely, the dynamic contrasts work beautifully, and that voice!.. When she’s not full-throttle, she sounds remarkably like Sandra Schleret in her “soft” mode (just listen to the “time is falling” lines from the chorus), and when she gets all operatic, just wow! The lyrics, you could say that they’re about chasing a dream again, but it’s a different, more mature and realistic angle. More like “some days life gets you down, but hey, you still can do something!” than “quit your job and resort to panhandling, hoping to become a rock star some day”.

And I like her dress. And hair.

And a honourable mention goes to Fire Strike of Brazil, who sound like a lost demo of an obscure 80s femfronted speed metal act (double the points because they even look like an obscure 80s speed metal act! Triple the points because the video looks like one shot in the 80s for an obscure speed metal act!..) The singer is all over the place when it comes to being in tune (to put it mildly…), but she’s probably very young, and as an instrument, her voice has all the potential. And you can’t deny her enthusiasm. What is more, she lists Maryann Scandiffio as an influence on their website, and just knowing this name wins a lot of respect from me.

PS Now, that Swedish band Enforcer… is it just me, or is it really supposed to elicit a reaction in the vein of “Wait, whaddayamean that’s not a chick singing?!”


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