gotta be thankful to Mr Gillan…

…and the whole Deep Purple gang – especially Jon Lord and Ritchie Blackmore – for basically single-handedly paving the way for metal as a genre (remember that to me, “metal” is a genre that continues the traditions of European “art music”; hard rock with its blues roots is a different beast, and I personally find that “heavy rock” is a yet another genre with a different approach to harmony… the whole world should be thankful I am not a music critic, hah). But outside of gratitude, I will never understand why Mr Gillan (and many of his contemporaries) are still veritably worshipped as vocalists.

Still, any lineup of Deep Purple could write great music.

A rare feat: an early DP song with meaningful (social satire) lyrics:

And possibly the best DP song, like, evah (meaningful lyrics, too!):


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