military boots for G3M…

…for less than $4, until Saturday.

Just how more awesome can it get?

You don’t even need to use G3M – I have successfully converted another set of G3M shoes to Genesis (a highly recommended contemporary design by BadKitteh), so there should be no problem converting these to Genesis or Genesis2, either.

If anyone’s interested, I’ll post the necessary steps.


7 thoughts on “military boots for G3M…

  1. Well in boot camp, we had to wear both wool and nylon socks in San Antonio, TX in September. It is very hot and humid there and my feet sweat. Let’s say the smell caused a brown haze in your dorm. hahahahahaha

        1. Only if these were for Nazi troops invading Northern Russia =) Most European countries aren’t as warm as Texas, but definitely not the climate for two pairs of socks in September.

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