soon. so soon.

No release date yet, but they _are_ working on a new album.

“They” are Lyriel, one of my all-time favourite German bands. Musically, they are something like “Blind Guardian lite” – a constantly evolving unit, with unconventional instruments in the official lineup, to boot. Their lead singer Jessica may not be a “female Hansi” exactly (that would be Elisa C. Martín and Sandra Schleret), but she’s quite a force in her own right, although originally I gravitated towards her singing because she sounds somewhat like three other my favourite singers rolled into one: Candice Night, Lisa Middelhauve and – actually – Sandra Schleret, but it has mostly been “lyrical Sandra” for quite a while.

But Lyriel have been growing heavier and heavier, and Jessica’s delivery has been growing more and more powerful and aggressive, so witnessing the progress is one of the reasons I’m so eager to hear this upcoming recording.

Here are a few older tracks of theirs. No decent live vids sadly, because, well, Lyriel is more of a studio band, but that may well change with time. After all, even Blind Guardian haven’t always been this “miracle machine” they are now.


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