once in a blue moon the Fox wants a car model…

…and a Russian car model, to boot.

One of the Nivas. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lada_Niva

Turbosquid and a few other pro-oriented stores have some nice models… but they’re pretty pricey.

Now, it seems that back in 2011, one guy modeled a .max version once: http://www.niva-club.net/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=3415

The thing is, I don’t feel like installing Max to convert just one file.

Then… There’s a super cute (as far as I can tell from the icon) Lightwave model here: www.dmi-3d.net/lada1.html

But just how legit this particular website is… no idea.

It’s, like, who the hell cares if it’s going to be – riiiiiiight – AU fanart anyway, and yettttt.


10 thoughts on “once in a blue moon the Fox wants a car model…

  1. DMI has been around for a very long time…and the cars are still there. There’s a bit of a following with Lightwave users, because most of the models there are in lwo format.

    1. Thanks! That lwo model looks good in Bryce. I feel there may be some issues with normals, especially after it gets converted to obj, but I will take it into Silo or Blender (or both) either way for some minor customisations.

      1. Yeah, Bryce folks use them…I’m not sure if I have that one converted or not, smoothing angle and face groups/material groups are usually more of a problem than normals with those models.

        1. Yeah, with “generic” OBJ models, like the ones from J.Birn´s classic rendering challenges, DS often gets all sorts of weird when it tries to interpret groups and materials… I can fix it in Silo easily, though; it’s just time-consuming. And I need the hood to open, so a certain level of disassembling is in the plans =)

              1. Nope. Don’t mind fixing up/adapting freebies to what I need. Saves more than half the work…

                But having to fix paid items, that’s not exactly something I like (minor things…I don’t mind, but big problems that should have been addressed before it was released, those I mind).

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