May 9th is Victory Day here

Some may say that Russia is living in the past, what with how important the victory over Nazis is for us to this day.

If this keeps the Nazi past from descending back all over the world, I’m okay with that.

A beautiful English translation of the lyrics for the song below:


10 thoughts on “May 9th is Victory Day here

  1. You don’t really want to know the answer to that…

    Let’s just say removing the warning labels AND a zombie apocalypse wouldn’t be enough to get rid of all the stupid running around.

          1. The biggest ‘stupid’…it’s racist to think that ‘people of color’ can do any wrong, but perfectly fine to think that all evil in the world is Jewish in origin.

              1. Think late 1930s Germany…but even more stupid and you can see why there is a large chunk of the US population that doesn’t think the Nazis were bad guys.

                And no, it’s not tied to any political party/outlook.

                As someone commented about a very similar over-abundance of stupid, some people do have too much time on their hands. Maybe some real deprivation would knock some sense into them.

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