a question to those…

…who may have bought any commercial “fibermesh” hair models.

How many of them would actually come with morphs?

I saw some of Laticis’ wips on dA, and he was working on morphs (though I don’t know if that model ever got finished). Then, on the other hand, looking at the DAZ promos for fibermesh styles in their store, I can’t see any indication there are any.

So I’m curious.


4 thoughts on “a question to those…

  1. I have a few sets, mostly by Neftis, and they do come with morphs. Not a lot, but I’m not sure if that’s a hair prop issue or a vendor one.

    I don’t think I have any fiber hair products made for newer figures, though, except for ones that came with outfits — MEC4D’s Santa for Dawn/Genesis and Luthbel’s Marius and Cris — and I don’t recall those having any morphs.

    I think MEC4D’s freebie Mullet Hair for G2M had a few styling morphs, though.

      1. I wish someone made a morphing eyebrow freebie. I have Cath’s original one, but I feel sorry for those who don’t. It’s a life saver, really.
        I tried making one myself with LAMH, but failed spectacularly. At just the styling stage!!

    1. Cath’s original fibermesh freebie (the first one ever, a limited-time one from years ago) had several morphs, too. They basically transformed the model into a number of different styles (like she did later in her Unshaven beard set). And even JoeQuick’s one (also limited-time, I think) was built that way.
      So this isn’t the way the fibermesh models of today appear to be done, right?

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