if you enjoy astrophysics…

but missed out on some recent research, here’s an article about our Milky Way galaxy potentially having a “two-component” outer ring!

The concept of an outer ring by itself is not that new, but the key point here is that it may be made up of two.

This may be a subscription part of the Springer site – I’m at an office computer so I can’t tell. But there is a “look inside” option which should provide everyone with a glimpse of this fascinating article =)

And then here are the freely available slides from A.Melnik’s talk on the same subject. Plus, in the following summary (text in Russian), you can see a schematic of how our galaxy might look from “above”. Lovely meditation material for mystically inclined folks =)

This research was a joint effort of Russian and Finnish scientists, which I think is awesome, especially in light of the anti-Russian propaganda in “pop” Western media.


3 thoughts on “if you enjoy astrophysics…

  1. Article tolds that a galactic ring is a place where stars can be born. Actually a galactic ring itself can not be a “starmaking” structure because of its homogeneity. There can not be such strong forces which can collide the matter of the ring in a protostar complex and make a star. There is a classic theory of the “starbirth” process which told us, that a protostar complexes are colliding when the galactic matter is dumping by a magnetic field of galactic nucleus or by galaxy field itself. This model is explaining a genesis of galactic sleeves. But i did not now that galactic matter can form rings. Maybe it is because of that galaxy matter is electricaly charged in common. Or maybe it is a reflection of complicated structure of galactic magnetic field again.
    So this research is opening a lot of questions and it can be essential for a future models of spiral galaxies.
    Thank you about your publication. And sorry about awful english.
    Greatings from Russia and bears.

    1. Your English is okay, as far as another Russian like me can tell.
      Shockwaves travelling through the galaxy can also create “hot spots” for star formation when they compress interstellar gas. I guess you know that galaxy as a medium is a continuum, and there are always a lot of reasons for shockwave formation.

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