first steps


I could never learn the proper methods of exporting terrains made in Bryce or even Vue so that they’d look good. This one is a test of what can be done with L3DT – which is specifically designed to create terrains for export and not internal rendering. I did end up putting a generic noise tile in the bump map channel, though; other than that, it’s a fairly lo-res one, but you see it’s not that bad. The normal map drives vector displacement, the effects of which are quite subtle here.

The mist is from that amalgamation of basic depth/height cue type of “fog” shaders that I was putting together a while ago. Still haven’t put any noise in.

The water is the cheapest hack: another noise map for the “waves”, just motion-blurred. You can see it doesn’t really look right. But at least my “glass” shader does the “fake absorption” thing more or less convincingly.

Next time I’m back at landscaping, I’ll try flooding the lakes in the Blender water sim.


3 thoughts on “first steps

  1. That looks pretty good to me. Aside of Flipmode and FirstBastion’s stuff, I don’t have a lot of big terrain sets. Some of the smaller ones I have are in dire need of decent textures, so this looks promising!

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