a question of utmost philosophical importance

They somehow called _this_ “Long Shag Hair” over at DAZ.

Just how many layers should a hairstyle have to really qualify for being a shag?

I vote for over two.

You want a real “long shag” for your Vickies – few if any models could ever top Selene hair in that regard.


6 thoughts on “a question of utmost philosophical importance

  1. With either the ‘universal’ hair texture replacers or creating new maps, many of the old hairs are perfectly serviceable. And, yeah, you don’t really need all that many, because it’s hard to see much difference in actual style between most new ones and the old. Other than fit and morphs (and even fit isn’t too much of a problem) there isn’t much reason to buy many.

    Plus, if LAMH 2 is all Kendall is saying…do you really NEED ANY transmapped hair?

    1. Agreed.
      Even some of Kozaburo’s ancient one-layer models can look good today with the right maps and materials (also because they were good styles look-wise).

  2. Yeah…two seems a little thin. In the present two layers seems a bit thin for any transmapped hair…that seems more like 8+ yr old hair.

    The link to Selene hair is mangled…looks like WP strikes again.

      1. Yeah…WP is known to do that.

        The other thing I noticed…it’s a goldtassel hair…maybe GT has been geting some complaints about overly complex hairs?

        It just seems like a step back to me…don’t some of those old freebie hairs have at least 3 layers?

        1. I think some freebies did.
          If there are people complaining to Goldtassel, they’d better complain about burnt-in highlights than geometry… And they’d better complain about actual styles modeled. I have no idea why most hair models coming out lately are either completely whacky or unbelievably boring. It’s as if vendors don’t care to google hairstyle trends. The farthest content makers seem to have got with trendy looks is buzzed sides… but they often end up making the whole design look like a parody of the trend, not what real people would wear.
          If I were a major consumer of transmapped hair, I’d definitely make some noise on the forums. DAZ, Rendo, Hivewire – very little creativity (or meaningful copycatting) in this department in every store.

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