RDNA content started to pop up in DIM

Not everything yet, though, it seems. I believe I do have some of the Traveler’s Naturals (that have recently been rolled out as PC items… I wonder what the PC price for the “bundles” is), and none are showing as “purchased” yet.



4 thoughts on “RDNA content started to pop up in DIM

  1. I don’t use DM, and I keep forgetting to check my product library.

    I bought a lot of those Naturals for well under $1.00 at RDNA. I still wish the folks at RDNA had given a heads-up to their customers so we could’ve picked up more of the Deep Freeze items before they migrated over to DAZ (where they’re likely to become more expensive and part of tortuously complicated sales events.)

      1. Some of the stuff is showing up in the PC+ club and will be in the $1.99 group. But I’m not sure what the ‘regular’ price will be. Although some of Traveler’s items that were DF are showing up with a regular price of $5…

        It’s going to be a wait and see…because they are not dumping everything in the store at once, it’s going to be quite a while before they are finished.

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