free CapForHair + three LAMH presets


The styles were made for my “half Mavka” Genesis character originally.


8 thoughts on “free CapForHair + three LAMH presets

  1. Warning….don’t convert to OBJ. Well, if you do…have more than 8 GB of RAM. Nothing like a 2,000,000+ face item to bring Studio to its knees.

    Other than that…nice job on these. I was going to do something like this but pretty much never continued on with LAMH other than the player.

    1. Thanks! I rarely use obj for hair – mostly for the shortest buzzcuts with fewer control points.
      BTW do I understand it right that unlike LAMH, Garibaldi adjusts the number of control points automagically?

        1. Yup, some interesting ideas there. I can only hope the bug numbers don’t grow exponentially with all those additions. Those regular “pure virtual function calls” are grating on my nerves.

  2. Ooh, that looks useful, especially the short style. I haven’t done much with LAMH, but I do have the basic plugin installed.

    Off to ShareCG…

    1. Thanks for taking an interest =) Let me know if you have any questions!
      Shortest styles are easiest to make actually, I’m wondering why the whole ShareCG isn’t full of them =)

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