haven’t wishlisted any transmapped hair in a while…

…but this one seems worth buying one day.


Not too keen on the braid – it’s heavily unrealistic: you can’t get a braid that thick from an area that tiny; check out a photo to gauge how it works IRL. And not too keen on mixing braids with loose hair anyway (too posh IMO). But it should be transmappable out.

The back view also gives the transmapped nature of the model away with a one-too-chunky “layering” effect casting bit-too-opaque shadows, but really, how many times in our lives do we render back views?

But the major selling points are a) OutOfTouch’s recently developed pristine approach to texturing (no burned-in highlights here); b) the parting. That parting alone is priceless. It looks perfect. In the sense of “not too perfect”. Just the way it would look IRL.




9 thoughts on “haven’t wishlisted any transmapped hair in a while…

  1. It is a pretty hair prop, though I don’t always care for the way braids are done — they’re often strangely flat.

    Hair props realistic enough to pass for real hair are pretty hard to find. The skin and figures get more realistic, but the hair and clothing aren’t catching up yet.

    1. There´s a load of ways to ruin a braid. Both IRL and in 3D =D

      Yeah, transmapped hair is inherently limited in how far it can go. Even with the best maps and materials. Curve-based hair like LAMH is aeons ahead, but there are no tools in any of the DS plugins that would help create braids…

      And clothing has to be dynamic for best results.

      1. I just have to remember to pose the braids in such a way that they don’t look like billboard props!

        Fiber mesh hair isn’t too bad, but works best for me at more of a distance. Close up, the strands are too thick.

        1. Yes, for-sale/free fibermesh generally does have this issue (to keep download size smaller). But dedicated RiCurves are better in all regards. Especially because it’s easy enough to roll exactly the style you want in LAMH/Garibaldi, unless it’s braids.

      2. Two reasons why there aren’t braids…

        1. The coding for making them is a real pain in the posterior. Blender does have the braid/twist coding already and there has been some talk about recognizing Blender’s curves/hair…

        2. There’s no physics in Studio, so it’s even more difficult to get them to behave. They just don’t want to bend without bones…or you have to make the segment length so short you end up with a bazillion segments to your curves (oh we tried a lot of things back in the Garibaldi beta…). With gravity and collision (not even a full blown physics implementation), posing the braid/ponytail would be so much easier…

        One thing that makes a somewhat convincing braid (at least in Garibaldi) is to create 3 disks, parent those disks to a null or something. Make a separate hair on each one…make it long…then go crazy on the curl. Then adjust the 3 of them so they are entwined. Then bury the end inside the main hair. It’s a real pain to pose/adjust and falls apart (visually) at close ups…but it does work.

        1. Yeah, I get the reasons. Still doesn’t make one not want it =)
          With enough patience, I can see a braid being made with existing tools, just by manually doing the same thing as IRL, but just how much patience would be enough for that, haha.

  2. If it is like a number of other fairly recent hairs, then that braid is already a separate material zone (maybe even a separate face group/object, even), so removing it is very simple.

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