if only those Poser figures had better geometry

This is a 3Delight test of Sydney found in the content that comes with Poser 10. The figure predates the Poser weight-mapping, so in theory there should be no problem using her in DS… but theory and practice are different.

I really like this character’s face (and eyes! they are modeled perfect for the new RT SSS, unlike the DAZ Gen4 onwards eyes), and many of those Poser figures have awesome expression morphs far surpassing default expression controls of DAZ figures, but sadly the Poser folks always have flaws: either particularly horrible bends or weird geometry issues, like here. Maybe it’s due to the “Face Room” system in Poser, but you can see that there is a “crack” on her neck. And there are also fitting issues with her sandals (you can fit them by zeroing both the figure and their pose before, but when you reload the scene, they get totally mangled). Shame, they are very nice (I had to make bump maps for most of the materials, but that’s okay). There are logical mat zones on the shoes and clothing, so I could easily use proper metal materials in the right places – save for the zipper teeth, but that could be fixed by making a “metallicity” map out of the bump.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to fix the geometry without re-doing all the morphs. The shoes thing could be overcome by splitting the CR2 into OBJ props and parenting them to the feet individually (not much room for bending there).

The hair is also one of Sydney’s two dedicated styles, but the diffuse, spec and bump textures are new, from one of the merchant resources I have. The top of the head isn’t perfect anyway (the least “realistic” looking), but very few transmapped hair models look good enough there. Maybe I could try adding a cap.


4 thoughts on “if only those Poser figures had better geometry

  1. I always liked the faces of Miki 2, Kelvin, James, etc. Old figures, and I understand they had some awful bends, but their faces had character.

    I keep forgetting I have Poser 10 now and must have these folks in my library. The learning curve on Poser is slow-going, ugh. And I just bought the latest Paint Shop Pro X8 — the upgrade was cheap — and it’s different enough from the older PSP X3 that there’s going to be a learning curve too. Picked a bad time for all this, time-wise.

    1. I’m not sure Miki is included. James yeah, James is there (both versions). I like the geometry of the second one better, but prefer the texture from the first… and they don’t share UVs. Bummer.

      I hear you. Poser and Bryce are top-level contenders for interface that makes extremely little sense. If I ever use Poser, it’s for very specific tasks like cloth sim (although Blender does it better, and now that we have DynCreator, there’s even less need to fire it up).

      I hate it when image editors change stuff around. I guess it’s one of the reasons the two apps I have been using forever are Paint.NET and Xara: they add features, but don’t ever really break old ones.

      1. I just checked; no Miki or the other male figures except James. That’s too bad. I think they’re still for sale at Content Paradise, though.

        My main gripe with the new Paint Shop Pro is that I either have to download the 32 bit version or keep the older version installed — lots of my older plugins won’t work in the 64 bit version. Ugh. Probably I’ll just keep the old version, even if it’s a bit buggy in Windows 10.

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