I’m not the biggest Nightwish fan in the world…

…but if only they fired that keyboard player, I’d be head over heels in love with this lineup – because Floor. Because Marco.

And because Marco is singing melodic (if distorted) lead in the chorus, and Floor does the growls.

You gotta give credit when credit is due. This is the first time a major band does this (or, hell, any band I know of) – and I hope there is more to it.

Reverse the Beauty and the Beast trope. The time has come.


2 thoughts on “I’m not the biggest Nightwish fan in the world…

  1. Needs more Marco! :)

    I really haven’t followed up on this band much since Tarja’s departure, though I did like some of their older stuff.

    I take it you’re not fond of Tuomas?

    1. Yeah, NW could definitely use more Marco. He’s actually so much better on his own than on this “day job” of his – I need to make a post about him ASAP. I have long wanted to.

      Nope, not fond of Tuomas at all. He can write a catchy melody every now and then, but his lyrics are pretentious (repeated whining about glorified childhood is especially horrible), and his actual keyboard skills are nothing to write home about. Same for the more complex aspects of music: say, NW may be famous for working with orchestras, but Tuomas has never been the one to arrange those parts. And as a producer, he next to killed my favourite Finnish pop-rock band Indica.
      Besides, why were two singers (Tarja and then Anette) fired under very suspicious circumstances? Who’s really the drama queen there?

      I’m happy to see Floor finally get a lucrative “day job”, too, but I’m worried about the future…

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