there should be toasters out with iray built-in

NVIDIA should give it some thought. Those hi-end GPUs do give off quite a bit of heat, y’know.

I mean, Substance Painter 2 is out. I wasn’t in a hurry to upgrade (I have Blacksmith3D for smudging stuff – which is generally only useful for seam fixing anyway, and SP doesn’t support painting over overlapping UV sets of the DAZ sort at all…), but now I will make sure to specifically hold off upgrading for an indeterminate period.

again, latest Iray-enabled programs + my video card = instaBSoD during program launch





2 thoughts on “there should be toasters out with iray built-in

  1. I guess they figure you’ll need the extra heater for those long, cold Russian winters or something.

    As for the InstaBSOD…it’s not that uncommon of a problem. And it seems that nobody really has an answer for it, except ‘upgrade’. But I’m not sure that is a real answer, sounds more like an excuse to me.

    1. =D
      Yeah, and a rather disrespectful sort of excuse. It’s a perfectly nice mobile GPU in all other regards; it’s NVIDIA’s problem that they put out GPUs, drivers and renderers that conflict with each other.

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