Everyone who’s been following my DS adventures for some time knows that I’m writing contemporary 3Delight shaders for it, along with “render scripts” for the “scripted renderer” to actually use 3Delight the way it’s supposed to be used in 2015 and beyond.

I call it “3Delight raytracer kit”.

As of right now, judging by what I get during tests and those results the alpha testers have shown me, the only shader truly missing from the pack is one for RiCurve-based hair that would support 3Delight built-in (awesome) hair shading model compatible with the path-tracing mode… which shader is almost done. When it comes to picking colours from textures, it looks to work better with LAMH than with Garibaldi, and overall LAMH is much better suited for “scripted rendering”. Kendall Sears promises that the upcoming LAMH update will be able to retain custom shaders between scene reloads, so then everything will be perfect for LAMH users.

It means that we’re approaching beta stage.

What beta requires from me is a package that contains everything the finished kit will have: not just the scripts and shaders, but also finished documentation and a load of presets.

I would like the readers of this blog to answer two questions:

1) Would you like to join the beta eventually?  // It does not involve anything outside of reading the documentation, then making renders with my kit and letting me know if anything could be improved. //

2) What sort of _material_ presets would you find especially useful?

Thank you.

PS Dev corner: I’m very excited about the “OSL tracer”, the newest 3Delight development. Tackling this will be my next project – translating my shaders to OSL and fooling DS into using them. This is the future!


12 thoughts on “roadmap

  1. Wow, you’ve got a great blog. I’ve finally taken some time to go through a lot of stuff here. I’ve also been reading through your SSS in 3Delight, which is a great piece of technical writing, and handy beyond 3Delight.

    I have to say that a large part of why I moved to Iray was because DAZ simply neglected to incorporate 3Delight advances fast enough for my needs and wants. This sounds like a great project. Is it still on-going, or did you complete your work?

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words!
      It’s always comforting to know that there are people out there who actually read that “treatise”… and who are gracious enough to let me know about it! =)

      This sort of work is never really completed, y’know. If anything, I should be transitioning to OSL to get all the real current advances, but since we don’t know if the DAZ devs plan to ultimately support the new “NSI” API that OSL requires or not, this is sort of on ice. I might send in a DAZ tech support ticket once 3Delight 13 is out and the OSLtracer is officially out of beta, to inquire whether they are going to implement the API or not, but I don’t think my question will ever make it past those nice but technically clueless support people. My experience reporting 3Delight-related issues in DS (with solutions included…) has not been exactly successful.

      If you’re curious to take a look at the current “snapshot” of the RSL kit, you could send me an email (my username “at” gmail), and I’ll shoot you the link.

      1. Wow! I’m finally back ^_^ If I were better at time management or considering seriously using 3Delight I would be all over this. I feel like I’ve forgotten more than I ever knew about 3Delght now XD

        I think I’ll be happy to watch this project from a distance for now. Has DAZ made any move to incorporate any new 3DL features lately? I haven’t been keeping much of an eye on them, but I did notice the new cloth engine, which is pretty nice piece of work.

        1. =)
          I don’t think they have. That is, if “they” are really “they” and not just Rob Whizenant by himself.
          The cloth engine is really cool, but when it’s out of beta I will start torturing the tech support with questions as to the future of OSL. =P

  2. I could help you out, though if you’re on a strict time schedule that could be a problem as I’ve not had as much free time for fun stuff lately.

    Re: documentation, I’d be a good person to test out the “can technical-challenged people understand it?” question. :)

    Not sure what you mean by “what sort of materials” though? I guess I’m not familiar enough with your project to figure this out without a nudge…

    1. Well, I don’t have a fanbase begging me for more freebies, there is no schedule =)

      Thank you; the “non-technically minded” bit is especially valuable.

      Material presets as in, say, general metals, skin, cloth or something else? And, say, if metals, then what metals specifically? This sort of stuff. In the form of shader settings that could be ctrl-clicked onto a surface, no new maps. Something to help the user get a “feel” for how it works – the shaders are all new, with physically based models, so the param values are different.

      1. Oh, good on the now schedule. That would make it a little easier for me.

        Material presets…well, skin is always something of a Holy Grail to most people. What I’d find useful are things like different types of glass, glossy metal finishes, wax, satin, velvet. My needs are kind of on the simple and basic side, I guess.

        Does that help at all?

        1. Yes, a lot actually. Thank you! I’d just need a bit more explaining on what you mean by “different types of glass” (would be awesome if you could find some reference photos).

          1. Oh, I just mean stuff like drinking glasses, champagne crystal glasses, light bulbs, bottle glass that’s different colors and thicknesses, fish bowls and snow globes and bell jars, you know, just common and everyday things. I’ve always struggled with the settings for refraction.

            Antique glass with bubbles in it would be awesome, but not a big deal if it’s not possible:

            Just thinking that a way to “age” glass for potion bottles, etc., would be fun.

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