the chances of me ever playing TESO…

…are pretty slim. Although I do want to, a lot, but there’s a lot of reasons why it’s not happening.

Either way.

I was looking at the maps – this lovely ESO one at UESP and an old Arena one at the same UESP, and I saw that the locations of Firsthold and Skywatch haven’t changed (see, TESO looks to be much better than we were expecting a few years ago).

Which makes me think that the Crystal Tower location was not retconned either.

I’m wondering now if it’s possible to see it (and Eton Nir the mountain behind it) from that “Auridon” island (the name is what I never liked back then and don’t like now). Lore-wise, should be possible (the Tower’s HUGE, it’s magical after all). In-game?..

And I also found out by accident that a real-world Crystal Tower (almost as immense!) almost got built here in Moscow =D Thankfully my Crystal-like-Law design doesn’t look similar at all.


To Cloudrest by mustakettu85 on DeviantArt
…yes now you know where my WP userpic comes from.


4 thoughts on “the chances of me ever playing TESO…

  1. OpenMW is the new engine…Linux/Windows/Mac (no promises about Android…something about Bethesda not wanting to allow Android)

    And I dislike MMOs…many reasons, but mainly because you are stuck with what the people running it decide…good or bad.

    1. Hmm, the bit about Beth and Android is interesting and invites speculation =) I wouldn’t mind seeing those old TES mobile games of theirs re-released for contemporary devices.
      The only people who like MMOs are, well, those who like MMOs. There’s a thousand downsides to them, the reason you mentioned and then some. I’m still entertaining the idea that ESO could get a single player conversion one day… and come to think of it, a condensed version of “the best of WoW” a dozen years from now wouldn’t be that bad either. My local best friend is heavily into it, and there are some neat storylines and locations in there, too.

  2. What I’m excited about is OpenMorrowind is getting very close to 1.0…I should have a new 2 TB hard drive soon…so I’ll have plenty of room.

    ESO never really thrilled me.

    1. I keep getting all those “rebirth” project mixed up – is OpenMW that Skyrim megamod, or a new engine to run MW content in, or?..
      ESO is actually damn good lore-wise, and some designs are plain awesome. A lot of respect being paid to pre-MW content which is “my” TES. The Altmeri bits aren’t as horrible as I had thought they were going to be, either. In short, had it been a single player game, I would’ve bought it on launch day and then modded the hell outta it to make it perfect… but as it is an MMO, even using something as simple as SweetFX is a chore, and no way to change gameplay elements…

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