and at the same time…

…community enthusiasts create utilities like this. I’m not interesting in rendering _anything_ in Poser (I’m curious about Superfly, of course, but most reports seem to indicate that it doesn’t really improve on Cycles, if at all), but I applaud anyone who invests their time and effort into groundbreaking solutions like that, and then even puts them out for free.


4 thoughts on “and at the same time…

  1. It’s a general weight mapping that doesn’t support dual quaternions. Genesis 3 is general weight mapping with dual quaternions. Now the funny thing is…you can swap back and forth in Blender. But actually getting the rigged model out of Blender, that’s another kettle of fish.

    1. The answer to that should’ve been Collada, right? But that’s mostly theoretical as far as I can see, what with the support being broken in various ways in different applications (supposing Poser can import Collada at all).
      I don’t even know if the Collada export ever got fixed in DS4.

  2. Unfortunately…I think they went about it the wrong way, for bringing G3F into Poser

    From what it looks like to me, instead of adding support to Poser, by way of scripting it in, for the kind of weight mapping used on G3, they ‘break’ G3 and remap it to Poser’s current system.

    Which can create unforeseen problems. Especially since G3 is using a ‘standard’ weight mapping scheme…

    I applaud the effort, but I’m not sure of the approach.

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