did anyone else…

…get the email from RuntimeDNA that I just did? Timestamped 12 hours back from now?

It’s not April 1st yet, dudes. Don’t tell me it’s happening for real.

It may be good for the owners and/or the vendors, but what about the customer? One less login to remember isn’t worth eliminating market competition.

I’m only hoping it’s a hacked account, a scam or whatever.

FYI: the email could’ve said Rendo instead of DAZ3D. It doesn’t matter. Competition is a sacred cow.

Yeah yeah yeah, even if it’s illusory.


23 thoughts on “did anyone else…

  1. I share a lot of your concerns. The Deep Freeze was a treasure trove, and I worry that DAZ, if they keep those products, will subject them to the same stupid sale strategy of “buy A and get B% off, and if you buy C from this category and D from this one, then… something something something.”

    In the RDNA forum, Syyd did say DAZ took the Poser catalog:

    “Daz welcomed all the Poser content from DNA. Not to shut it down and convert but to allow people the freedom to continue to sell their great products.”


    What exactly that means and how it’ll play out is anyone’s guess. My expectations are low, since this is DAZ, and that way I can only be pleasantly surprised if the end result isn’t entirely awful.

    1. Oh, those DAZ sales =( I don’t even want to think about them. March Madness? Madness could ensue if I tried to follow those formulas… nothing like the good ole days.

      Another vendor seems not to be DAZ-friendly: judging by the Sixus1 dA group, Sixus1 is moving to a store called CGBytes (no idea what this is).

      1. Never heard of CGBytes, either. Noticed yesterday that there were a few more RDNA vendors over at HiveWire.

        Nothing so far in March Madness has caught my eye, except for today’s outfit by Luthbellina. That backpack is awesome!

  2. Netherworks just announced at the RDNA forum that he’s moving his store to HiveWire, which works for me. I like their sales strategies and the bonus points thing.

    It also looks like IslandGirl has moved her Dawn and Dusk pose sets over to HW as well. I bought several of them while they were at RDNA. They mostly work in DS, and there’s a little fix script linked in the HW forum to fix the weird foot distortion that sometimes happens.

    I’ve got a Dawn character and Karth’s little Luna booties sitting in my HW cart right now, awaiting a bit on incoming cash.

    1. For Dawn/Dusk stuff, Hivewire is a logical choice. I could only hope that the Gen4 crowd and original figure makes like Tate are not quitting – I’m okay if they move to Rendo, but if some of them decide to change usernames on the way, that would make it damn hard to track them.
      My primary concern is those ancient but potentially useful products like plants etc that are in Deep Freeze now. As far as I can see, they’re generally “RDNA original”, but will DAZ take them at those prices?

    1. I foresee a LOAD of technical problems – even the task of seamlessly merging customer accounts is rather daunting. And then they’ll need to repackage RDNA products DAZ-style… a lot of work, and who’s gonna pay? I just can’t see the “budget-friendly” options like Deep Freeze or Real Deal staying, not at the prices they have had, at least. At best they’ll become Platinum items, and not everyone can justify the subscription costs.
      Why all that when I can’t even get their DAZ Connect thing to work, neither directly from DS or via their “offline installers”… the good news is that they promised automatically decrypting those products after a year, and then they’ll show up as “normal” zips. I can wait for those freebies =)

      1. I agree that the great — and simple — sales from RDNA are likely history. I will dearly miss the Deep Freeze and Real Deals. I’d noticed that there had been fewer and fewer releases at RDNA, including Real Deals, and had wondered if something was going on. Didn’t expect this, though.

        OTOH, some of those technical glitches can lead to excellent “oops” sales. I recently picked up the Hipster Librarian and Hippie Chic outfits for G2F for about $4.00. They were mistakenly 90% off. :)

        And the DAZ store could use some fresh blood. Too much sameness.

        My main worry — and it’s a totally selfish one — is whether some of the Zero Price items will go away. I just did freebies for Mike’s Tiki Bar, for instance. Did some stuff for Koneko, and Netherworks is pulling his store. All those links at my blog that are going to be broken. Argh!

        1. Yeah, sometimes those glitches can be very nice =)
          I understand, links are a pain to keep up-to-date. Oh BTW… you say Netherworks is pulling his store – in the sense he’s not migrating to DAZ? I wonder if there’s a list of sorts anywhere with the names of those vendors who aren’t going to join DAZ.

            1. It would be extremely unfair if it weren’t! They cannot be expecting the customers to track down their favorite vendors one by one (especially given that not every vendor will answer a thousand PMs)…can they.

              1. I don’t think they are…but it may just be that there isn’t a finalized version or something. I do know that several vendors have said ‘yes, my catalog is moving’ but not many have said anything. LadyLittleFox is one of the ‘yes’ vendors.

                1. LittleFox is among those whom I fully expect to move because she does have a DAZ storefront already. Same for Arki. I’m wondering about Prae, Mortem Vetus, EvilInnocence and the like, the more “Poser-oriented” crowd.

      1. “Bummer” is a pretty mild way of expressing that… RDNA was the only place that preserved all those historical Poser oldies, let alone their giveaway traditions etc.
        They’ve always been such a Poser-oriented place, they even sell Poser in their store I think. Does it mean DAZ will broker Poser, too?!

        1. I’m not sure how it all will work out…but the galleries and forums will remain open for at least a while. So I imagine that the forum hosted stuff will be around for the near future, at least. The rest…see my other post :D

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