this one is free today…

…and it’s “DAZ Connect” only. I’m downloading the “offline installer file” now to put it onto my laptop later…

But 488 MB?!



4 thoughts on “this one is free today…

    1. And it’s nice to see you back =)
      There seems to be a new DAZ tradition of a “Friday freebie” – they are available as encrypted files only, kinda testing the waters.

  1. I had this one in the cart and then removed it. Not interested in encrypted stuff, and at 488 MB I would’ve passed it up anyway. Huge texture files?

    1. I haven’t installed it yet… been mostly lying down on the sofa today. I mostly picked it up out of curiosity, to test that whole encryption thing.
      If it’s that huge because of encryption and not the vendor, then it’s just stupid. We’ll see.

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