not impressed at all

I liked Barbies. As many post-Soviet female kids did here. We never thought we had to “look like Barbies”, certainly no more than we had to “look like” any other type of doll we had. Here’s an example of what Soviet dolls were like.

I always thought, though, that Barbie herself was the least attractive and least creatively designed one out of the whole family. I still have my Mermaid Skipper and a handful of “Barbie’s Li’l Friends” somewhere… now those were da bomb. Those photos I found off the web don’t really do them justice. I’ll try to take better ones whenever I find my dolls.

And looking at those new body molds, it seems that poor Barbie is just becoming uglier. I don’t mind the idea of those new body shapes, but the way they are designed is kinda meh. Very imbalanced and even less realistic than the 90s Barbie bodies used to be.

And there is no “athletic plus size” (“Amazon”? whatevah, longtime readers will know what I mean) Barbie either.



6 thoughts on “not impressed at all

  1. Dolls are not about reality. They are fantasy, imagination, dreams, hopes, something that may be but isn’t. Reality sucks…dolls don’t because they aren’t real. My generation (born in the mid-60s) and earlier understood that. Sometime between then and now, dolls became reality. And you know what…reality still sucks.

    I never scalped any of my sisters’ Skipper dolls…but, yeah, Barbie had some pretty nasty hair cuts, at my hand…some that made Annie Lennox look like she had long hair.

    1. And now dolls do, too. I just don’t like it when some half-baked attempt is passed for something “revolutionary”.
      BTW I never understood why there were no Barbies coming with some interesting short hairstyles (at least in the 90s). There was one whose hair you could theoretically cut and then reattach, but it all still looked mighty stupid. Probably because the hair was not sewn low enough onto the back of their heads. Might have been a technological restriction, but kinda meh anyway.

  2. At the 2nd call center I worked in at the turn of the Century, one of the managers had a collection of certain limited edition Barbie dolls, some of which sold in the Hundreds (USD). She said that she had seen some at auctions selling in the Thousands.

    And I thought I was nuts for buying Metallica’s “Whiplash” mini ep for $45.00!

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