all talk of patriotism is void…

…if you mangle the language of your supposedly beloved country.

Just saying.


10 thoughts on “all talk of patriotism is void…

  1. I am uncertain as to whether knowing a language and loving the homeland of that language are necessarily linked. I came to Australia as a child and I love Australia. By coincidence my birth country was also English speaking, but I know several people who came here from non-English speaking countries, love it here, and yet stumble with language from time to time.

    This said, beating your breast in public regarding personal patriotism is always a bit… um… tacky. :)

    1. To be honest, the idea of being “patriotic” here in Russia means that you love your “Vaterland”, excuse my German. The country you were born in. So the language is automatically native.
      If the English word does include the love for “adopted” countries, then I apologise. Suffice it to say, I have never seen anyone coming to Russia from another country and calling themselves a “patriot” out loud =)

      1. Ah! Therein lies the difference. Lots of people migrate to Australia and take citizenship here ☺The quality of life is a lot better than where they come from and the community is mostly inclusive.

          1. Yes. If you become a citizen of that country. When i was officially an adult i formally took citizenship of Australia and consider myself to be a patriotic Australian ☺

              1. Not so much the definition of the word, but rather a difference in the concept of what it entails. The basic definition is ‘love of one’s country’.

                After all, when you slice and dice it, the Greek root means ‘countryman’ or more precisely, ‘of the same father/lineage’

                1. Yup; in Russia we call ‘motherland’ “отечество” (otechestvo), which is like “fatherland”. German “Vaterland” is the same, and “patria” it’s Italian I think (like that O Patria aria from Tancredi).

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