DS 4.9 is out…

…and here I am, out of the beta, wondering if it’s worth installing =)

Okay, I guess it is. Shader Builder layout’s been fixed, and I haven’t run into anything else game-breaking.


16 thoughts on “DS 4.9 is out…

  1. I installed it this morning, though it took me a moment to find the manual download link. I declined to connect, but I did pick up some content. Mainly because I wanted this week’s freebie Portrait Vignette 4. I’d had my eye on Oskarsson’s Set the Mood for a while, so I bought it along with the Victoria 7 base character. If DAZ prices those characters between $10 and $15, I’ll buy.

    So far, no trouble with 4.9, but then I haven’t had much time to poke around in it — and it’s not like I was all that handy with 4.8 anyway!

      1. I upgraded because I’d heard there were some improvements to both 3DL and Iray. Feature-wise, it’s nearly all still new to me. :/

        I was just at the Commons at DAZ and…wow, there are a lot of pissed off people over there!

        Anyway, off to play with my new Oskarsson camera/light set and NearMe’s new clothing I bought for a whopping $1 and some change — thanks to my annual Content Paradise b-day coupon.

          1. Yes! :)

            And I’m asking for a refund on the Oskarsson Set the Mood camera/light set. It just crashes and hangs. Disappointed by that; I really like the looks of the set.

            1. Happy Birthday then! =)

              That’s sad. Looking at the docs for that set, it’s likely to be all shader mixer based (there are no support files for actual new shaders listed), and the mixer unfortunately never really left the beta state in its 3Delight-oriented form.
              Hope you find something more stable to get instead!

              1. There was a change in a couple of bricks between 4.6 and later…that’s what broke the AoA stuff and I imagine, the Oskarsson stuff too.

                Also some of the old SM networks that were in the various SM threads (most of them are now forever gone…I have the images of the networks, but little/no supporting info).

                For many of them, it is simply a matter of deleting and re-adding the affected bricks. No, they aren’t auto updating to the new bricks!

                1. You’d think they’d have the good sense to fix that since so many people use these camera and light sets. I haven’t tried the AoA’s fog cam in 4.9 yet, but at least it still works in DS3A, which I have installed and use.

                  Is it the push toward Iray that has them dragging their feet in updating it, or is it something only AoA can do?

                  1. The mixer problems have been there long before Iray was even a thing. There are buggy bricks that don’t get fixed despite being reported every now and then. And then, as Mjc says, there were some changes after 4.6, which introduced more trouble than they supposedly fixed.
                    There is the “good” AoA camera which is EZVolume. It’s a normal new shader, independent of DS internals. It will work in 4.9, and it’s the only one that can selectively process lights (with the use of the ‘foglight’ category), so it can be used with environment lights efficiently.

              2. Thank you! My husband bought me an iPhone for my birthday and now I’m hooked on the Hay Day game. Must farm!!

                Interesting about the Oskarsson set…it says “4.9” right there on the product page. Boo!

                I did get it to work on a single character with no props or scenery — but what’s the point?

                  1. Unfortunately it works ‘automagically’…new version of Studio, that doesn’t include and SDK upgrade…which will be what happens in DS 5.0, then some script automatically updates the store categories.

  2. I probably won’t be able to update anytime soon…I NEED more drive space, but car comes first (ice + car + tree = not good).

    So I’ll just play with shaders and what not…I’m having fun with the NPR stuff…

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