finding a live Falconer video is hard enough…

…and a quality live Falconer video is even harder to get.

These are some of the best, and recent ones, to boot. The songs are as close to “hits” as it gets. Underground hits, whatever.

— check out those low notes towards the end of Mindtraveller!!

Falconer is one of those genre-defying metal bands, from Sweden this time: musically, they’re something like “blackened power” with a strong dose of folk influence in their melodies. And they have an actual musical theater (!) singer in Mathias Blad (who also does other things like web design and fitness instruction on the side).

Basically, they’re not unlike a less symphonic Blind Guardian, supposing Hansi restricted himself to always singing ultra-clean.

I’m not a huge fan of non-classical male singers in general, but when they do find a place in my heart, it’s usually for a reason, and the place is nice and cozy. I’m only a bit less obsessed with Mathias than I am with Hansi, even though this blog suggests that I live and breathe Blind Guardian (okay I do, but not only them =))


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