supposing I were a Hollywood mogul…

…I’d remake this Soviet musical mini-series with English lyrics, starring Eric Balfour as D’Artagnan. I mean… eric20balfour20o920visionarios_xl

// click the image to go to the publication I stole the photo from //

An equally great idea would be to make a TV show about Glen Cook’s Garrett, P.I. – because (apart from height) Mr Balfour would make a perfect Morley Dotes (image stolen from the same interview).




I’m not sure if Garrett Files could lend themselves well to being made into a musical, though.


2 thoughts on “supposing I were a Hollywood mogul…

  1. I love his face. He may not be considered typically handsome by some, but to me he has the kind of looks that would really stand out in a crowd.

    1. Oh yes. I actually stopped mindlessly flipping channels when I saw him first and just stared in disbelief, thinking “this guy is so different than your standard fare, is he even real??” That’s how I got into Haven LOL
      Of course the infatuation wouldn’t really last long if he weren’t an impressively skilled actor, but he is. And a good singer, though he’s sort of neglected music lately in favour of (gasp) clothing business.

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