it’s a steal, but with a caveat

One of my recent purchases, Dante78’s Medieval Market 2. Here’s a 3DL render with minimally tweaked mats (click for larger):


All these things for one ridiculously low price. And currently on sale, too.

It’s a beautiful, detailed piece of work… but it is not perfect.

The least important downside is that the whole market loads all at once, from a single PP2 (you can move/delete some parts later). Then, the ground texture is called from a wrong path (could be worth it asking the vendor to fix it… or just do it yourself and resave as a DAZ duf).

My biggest issue is that it comes mapped as a game asset (a plus for gamedev, of course) – but not a contemporary, PBR-oriented game asset.

What this means:

a) damn hard to retexture individual elements (like weapons on the rack). You either need to use a 3D painting app or you need to locate them on the UV map first using your eyes and judgement (because there are no separate mat zones, the DS UV view won’t help). And the textures provided are too lo-res for closeups because all these lovely objects are neatly fit onto the same UV tile.
b) baked highlights. Baked into bump and diffuse. *headdesk*

This would’ve been a way less meaningful concern if – again – this came with PBR-style maps, especially, y’know, _roughness_. Because animal hide, wood, vegetables, weapon metal – they all have different glossiness IRL. Of course it’s possible to roughly block a roughness map out (pardon the pun), based on the existing ones, and yet. Baked highlights.

But out of the box you can see that the set looks amazing for wide shots, backgrounds especially w/DOF etc.


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