The question is, of course, how to push DS to use OSL… but I was going to do something to that 3DL exporter for Blender anyway. It all isn’t happening tomorrow, but knowing this is there, well… it feels good.

Happy upcoming New Year to everyone!


2 thoughts on “whooo-HOO!

  1. I needed to dry off my keyboard before posting…too much drool.

    In a couple of the Iray threads on the DS forums I’ve been wanting to add ‘not yet’ to a bunch of things when some of the Iray ‘aficionados’ start saying but 3DL doesn’t do that. From the looks of it, about the only thing that isn’t there, yet are IES profiles for the lights….and I’m pretty sure I saw an OSL implementation of that somewhere.

    So tell me again, what exactly can Iray do that 3DL can’t…oh, right GPU acceleration on Nvidia cards. Because other than that, it’s sure looking like there is less and less difference (of course it would take an outright miracle to get these new features/shaders into DS).

    1. Fun stuff: I found a dedicated built-in “thinfilm()” function in the very RSL code of maya metal. The standalone shaderdl recognises it, too. Hopefully I have time to put together a simple GTR-based metal soon, and we’ll see if it works in DS.

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