totally not sure what to say about the new SW

Sorry Saul, I did go see it. Personal reasons, y’know. Besides, no Russian overdubs (in Russia, 99% of movies and shows are dubbed into Russian with variously horrible degrees of success) – a rare chance.

One thing for sure: I’m definitely not the target audience this time.

The most burning question is, how come Leia managed to cheat on Han with frellin’ Severus Snape?! Another galaxy and all.

On a more serious note – I was never fond of post-RotJ EU. Those authors were hell-bent on making Leia miserable and ignoring her Skywalker Force-sensitivity legacy up until she was basically a grandmother.

After Ep.VII, I’m beginning to reconsider this attitude. Because Leia is miserable in this timeline as well (maybe even more than in the original one), and not a Jedi either.

I was also hoping that Luke would be missing for the whole 3-episode ark. Alas.

Trying not to be 250% negative… I really liked the photography. The droids. Some aspects of the new characters (far from all). Seeing Leia and other old guard (even Ackbar). And… that’s that.

If anyone is interested to find out what else I didn’t like and why, I’ll make another (longer) post.


10 thoughts on “totally not sure what to say about the new SW

  1. I haven’t seen it yet…and I’m not sure what to think about it. On one hand I loathe the fact that Disney now has the franchise and is totally screwing it up. On the other hand…Disney is probably the only studio with the resources to do anything with it.

  2. I liked it, but didn’t love it.

    I’m just a fan of the original trilogy and have no ties whatsoever to the EU, so none of my quibbles are about that kind of thing.

    I thought Rey was too powered up, Finn and the hot pilot didn’t get as much to do, and I’m more than a little irritated by the character death.

    I’ll go see the second movie, though, because I did think it was a fun couple hours and I like the new kids. They have potential!

    1. Yeah, the death was meaningless. The authors tried to defend themselves by saying that it was The Important Thing that K.Ren had to do to establish himself as a ‘villain’ – didn’t work for me. A spoilt brat is a spoilt brat, even if he’s devious enough to use that particular lightsaber trick. Villain? A random ex-stormtrooper nearly brought him down in a lightsaber duel! Some sith lord, that Kylo.
      If they really wanted to off that particular character, they could have made him sacrifice himself to save his spoilt brat when those detonators went off. That could’ve been a poignant moment.
      If Rey has any more potential, she’ll be Force-reversing ‘starkillers’ by the hundreds without breaking a sweat by Ep.IX. Too powered up, exactly. I liked her right until the moment she pulled that Jedi mind trick off.

      1. I don’t have problems with Rey’s abilities per se, just the rate at which they developed over the course of one movie. Luke was a whiny brat when he started out, and it took him nearly three movies to figure out that whole Jedi thing. It felt like he earned it, I guess.

        I didn’t realize that weird vision scene included some of Rey’s memories. I suppose if she was with the Jedi juniors she could’ve had training too, even if rudimentary. And I’m willing to go along with the idea that Kylo Ren messing with her head went both ways, so she’d could’ve picked up some of what he knew. But I would have liked the chance to watch her abilities develop more gradually and…well, allow for Finn to be good at something else besides shooting ships and being a nice guy.

        I’m ambivalent about Kylo Ren. I understand what the creators are aiming for and in theory it sounds intriguing — I’m glad they’re not trying for Darth Vader 2.0 — but I’m still on the fence about him.

        Though I did laugh when he was whacking stuff with the light saber and those two storm troopers were like, “nope, we’re outta here.”

        As for the death, I think it bothers me so much because I feel it negates the sense of hope and victory that made the original trilogy so much fun. It now kind of taints it for me, and I’m cranky about that.

        Still, I did like the movie, so I’m willing to travel along with the creators in the next installment.

        1. Yup, Luke (and even Anakin) earned it gradually; Rey gets it all for free. How are we supposed to sympathize with her anymore? She’s become a marysue in all but looks.

          Kylo Ren is totally a great comic relief. Kinda like JarJar Binks. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to take him seriously.

          I’d say any sequels naturally negate that sense of victory because they need to reintroduce conflict. There is no happily-ever-after anymore. EU wasn’t a happy world either.

          I just hope that Abrams (or whoever is in charge of the following instalments) will acknowledge the prequels or Clone Wars at least somehow. Right now I – me being the target audience for the prequel trilogy – feel left out. No meaningful nods or references in Ep7 at all.

      2. “Spoilt brat” pretty much does sum him up as a villain. I also found his costume less evocative than his evil predecessors. Yep, his villainy was really my major disappointment of the film. That brattiness really ruined the death scene, made it less poignant and just ho hum..

        The cinematography was great. The action fast paced. The 3D was not intrusive.

        Um, also, I did not really take to apparently everyone and anyone being able to pick up a light sabre and wield it.


        1. That seems to be one hold over from fanon/’expanded’ universe. But the question is…can just anyone actually exhibit much skill at it. It’s like the difference between your average peasant and D’Artangion…just because you know the pointy end goes in something doesn’t make you a swordsman.

          1. I don’t think that many untrained characters did well with a lightsaber in the EU. Leia was the first to try against Vader in one of the very early books IIRC, but then she’s Anakin’s daughter. And she wasn’t that successful either.
            In a way, a lightsaber is a perfect sword for fast, fluid fencing styles (all the balance in the hilt) – but you are right that you have to be a swordsman first. Unless the First Order not only adopted Jedi recruitment methods for their stormtroopers, but added Jedi training too. Which doesn’t seem to tie in with the whole ‘omg the Jedi were real’ vibe.

        2. I don’t do 3D cinema. One pair of glasses is bad enough =)
          The ‘everyone is damn good with a lightsaber’ bit, too. Even a normal sword isn’t something you can’t just pick up, let alone a damn plasma blade that will fry yourself at the slightest occasion… One review said that Finn and Rey are ‘audience avatars’ – it really feels as if they have watched the original trilogy, too. In fanfiction, it’s either frowned upon or played all the way and called ‘a self-insert’.
          Have you watched the Clone Wars, Greg?

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