I don’t understand my V4 scaling issue

I have a few theories to test (like, could it be that the scaling is triggered by the fact that the CR2 is being exported from a scene that used to be a .daz scene; or if it’s triggered by this coupled with the use of the InjectPMD plugin…). But I haven’t found anything in the CR2 code that could cause this.

Of course, I’m not a CR2 expert. So I may be overlooking something obvious.

Then again, the fun part is that the CR2 has _different_ issues when loaded into DS3 (it’s fine in DS4.8 apart from the scaling bug). Maybe the problem is inside the binary (PMD) morph file that DS4.8 exports – but how exactly it got there, it’s another question. Because, as I said, the pre-CR2 daz-to-duf scene is okay. It just takes ages to save.


3 thoughts on “I don’t understand my V4 scaling issue

  1. Did you change your header font? It looks fancier. :)

    I can’t help you with your scaling issue, but I encountered another Beautiful Bends V4/M4 fail yesterday.

    I thought I’d fixed the problem of injecting various morphs into them, but suddenly they both failed. Couldn’t even inject Morphs ++. I did that .bat file thing again for both, but still no morph joy. Did it a second time and then restarted windows…and yup, now they work again.

    It all seems very arbitrary to me…and not terribly stable.

    Most annoying.

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