y’know, the DS community may not even be _that_ bad…

…re:how clueless they are about all things render-related.

I was looking for certain stuff on google, and I came across a few relatively recent threads on various sites where Vray users were doing the oh-so-familiar blind-leading-the-blind thing.

// POV-Ray, Vray, YafaRay, mental ray, now Iray – or actually iray, same as mr… creativity much? //

I suspect that for many, archviz – while being a job, although I know a few for whom it is a hobby – is much the same: an alluring yet uncharted territory.

I also saw a few threads by users of other renderers discussing certain PBR-related features… and I thought once again that we are blessed that we have the DNA team.

Yeah, it probably seems weird, the way I am so personally attached to 3Delight. But… you have to realise that I had access to books on 3D shading/rendering when I was in elementary school max, and I fell in love with the idea right away. Yeah, kids’ libraries were weird in the early 90s here… and all for the better.

I still have a hard time believing that today, I can do all the things I could only dream about doing back then.

Yes I did dream about coding. You should’ve seen me when I discovered in the mid-to-late 90s, when I got my first home PC, that MS Office included Visual Basic for Applications. It meant I could put the theory to good use (with a little adjustment for the GUI) – the theory I had learnt as a child about BASIC programming from another book .

I’m a damn bad coder. But b’vec, do I love it.


2 thoughts on “y’know, the DS community may not even be _that_ bad…

  1. I pretty much gave up/became disillusioned with coding because of a bunch of mindless, stupid coding ‘exercises’ in various classes, in college. It wasn’t fun any longer.

    Shader coding and some very basic scripting are all the coding I’ve done over the past 20+ yrs, but I still remember the basics and can muddle my way through most things (even some fairly complex source like WINE…hey, I was bored. I didn’t bother going through much of it, before drifting off to sleep, though).

    1. I guess we’re lucky we only had one term of ‘exercises’, and those were sorta fun because it was Turbo Pascal – unfamiliar to me at the moment – and for DOS (in 2002). Having spent the late 90s fiddling with DOS games, I was the only one who felt comfortable using the command prompt… even the teacher didn’t know a few of the commands (and they say gaming is bad for kids’ academic progress LOL)
      Then they just threw stuff at us (“here’s some theory on PDE and a few resources; here’s an input configuration; now write your own finite element solver for it in whichever language you please”). Maan, those were some legendary ultra-elusive bugs I created there XD I wrote the whole thing in a couple of weeks, and the rest of the term was bug-hunting. This is why I dislike big coding projects…

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