this is getting weird

Exported a heavily morphed CR2 of a Perfect V4 to speed up saving a .duf-formerly-.daz scene. But the neck bone seems to have caught up a propagating scale method somewhere in the process because it now scales the head up, too. WTH.

Just how come Poser propagating scale could start working in DS, I don’t know. Maybe it’s not even that (I haven’t yet gone over the CR2 with a magnifying glass) – but that’s the only explanation I have.

Fun stuff: can’t reproduce the issue on a new Perfect V4. Could any of the morphs trigger that? I’m suspecting Morphforms from the ++ pack, but not sure. There are Morphs++, Steph4 morphs, She-Freak4 morphs, a touch of Aiko (taper fingers, mostly), DieTrying’s pack, custom fixes… a LOT.

If it’s propagating scale, I figure the fix would be some text editing. If it’s something else… gods, I don’t want to re-inject all that into a new CR2. And then re-importing those custom fixes…


8 thoughts on “this is getting weird

  1. Entirely possible.

    Rob has done a lot in extending the capabilities of this stuff…he should get more credit. But, he is not very good (maybe he doesn’t have enough time) at documenting it. At least he will answer questions.

  2. Sounds a lot like what happened with my Anna G2F morph…never did figure out how those poses ended up invoking her.

    What version were you using to do the export?

    1. 4.8 – after I installed Threshold2 (the new Win10 build), 4.9 decided it sees my categories but not the files inside them, and I’m not into researching a fix right now…

      I think the DS4 figures do have propagating scale commands, but those must be different to the Poser ones…

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