isn’t it iconic, dontcha think

A li’l bit too iconic.

// and I’m kinda showing my age by paraphrasing that song, heh //

I will definitely paint a new eyewhite map for it (or at least, fix the supplied one) some day.



4 thoughts on “isn’t it iconic, dontcha think

        1. I’m only familiar with DnD through CRPG and books (but I love the FR lore). Cacodemons didn’t have eye stalks, I think, but horns… either way, my first FPS was Raven’s Heretic, and Doom felt very technically limited after it (no looking up/down or flying, etc). Quake was my original id love (and remains the only, when it comes to id-produced games; I admire Carmack’s programming skills, though – all subsequent Raven titles used a modified engine originally introduced by id).

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