G3M has arrived!

Check out the updated starter essentials in your product libraries… downloading now, will report later (weekend, likely).

Michael7 looks very good in the promos (reminds me of some celebrity I can’t exactly place), but I’m honestly tired of buying new characters. Maybe one day ™.

PS Oh yeah, all these should be 4.8 compatible.


5 thoughts on “G3M has arrived!

  1. Well, it will be a while until I get to do anything with him…my rendering/DS use has come to a halt, for the near future.

    I’ve got a bad stick of RAM…and what good is a warranty if you don’t use it?

    So I’m down to just 4 GB until the replacement stick arrives. And 4 GB is not enough to do much of anything…unless I want to do bald, naked figures with no/not very many props (8 is barely enough as it is).

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