just how high is “high F”?

Opera. Three (randomly chosen) performances of one Bellini aria, with the highest note “officially” required of a more or less “normal” tenor. Okay, it’s technically the leggiero Fach, but it’s not “countertenor” territory yet.

The note is the second F above middle C. If you don’t know where it is… well, let’s just say that it’s where an average contralto range ends. A contralto is the lowest female voice in opera.

So, it’s rather high.

What I am doing is listening to those guys and being damn jealous.

Because, well, even though the body I inhabit is a female one – you don’t want to hear my high F. It’s certainly not operatic. Maybe one day I’ll mold it into something more or less acceptable in the metal world… maybe.

Yes, you’re right… listening to actual countertenors is a bit of a torture to me. But hey, I still do listen to them. Cuz they are awesome. Hell, most of the singers I listen to, even outside opera, – for them that stupid high F is a walk in the park. Males included.

Yeah I can fry all the way down to the second D below middle C. So what? Who the hell needs to hear that either?

Yes I know there are singers out there who do survive on a two-octave-at-best range (Candice Night comes to mind; and I’m a fan actually – whatever she has sounds beautiful for her genre). But. You all know how Candice got her cozy ride into being a “professional musician” (if you don’t – look it up!).

So stop thinking about me or even Candice and listen to the guys. They are all so different and that’s just amazing.

…and something to compare with – best to open in a new window and use the time bookmarks in the expanded info; high F (lots) and higher, the true metal style:


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