anyone into a guessing game here?

Found these fun videos… six different singers (mezzos and contraltos) doing “Di tanti palpiti” from Rossini’s Tancredi. Which is an opera I’m a bit too madly in love with (two reasons: a) Rossini; b) the story).

Now, if you can live through these eighteen minutes, would you be able to find which two singers are my favourite?


5 thoughts on “anyone into a guessing game here?

    1. Hmm, it’s sort of surprising to me because I thought that what with the type of female voices I usually lavish praise on here this would be a dead simple question… two of these have that colour in their lower register that stands out from miles away.
      At least, it does to me. And not because I’m some sort of a true opera expert (far from it), but because for me ‘colour of a sound’ isn’t a fancy vague description but a physical sensation =)

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