DS 4.9 beta – first impressions

That. Icon.

I thought the slimy radioactive green of the 4.8 logo was bad. Now this…

Good thing I have the old icons extracted from the 4.7 executable.

The “DAZ Connect” whatever doesn’t seem to be a plugin I could disable. But maybe that stuff just doesn’t get loaded when I opt out of logging in at the program launch. Hopefully.

Force-disabling Iray (by renaming the folder with its binaries) doesn’t seem to hinder any other functionality. Good.


11 thoughts on “DS 4.9 beta – first impressions

    1. 3Delight updates are great in and out of themselves. But there may be something off with this DS-specific build – Wowie found that somehow his benchmark scene took longer to render with indirect light than before. He’s yet to pinpoint what exactly could cause this.
      But for AO only, there is a speed boost.

          1. I don’t have room for it…

            I don’t want it to access my current library and not enough room for a parallel content install (even just the starter essentials).

              1. Exactly.

                I’m not going to go through the effort to make room for the beta…and maybe not even until the second bug fix release of the public build.

      1. Well, speed boots for AO always a good thing. Good the hear.

        Hopefully whatever glitches there are will be dealt with before the new build is released for general consumption.

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