my adventures with DRM

I once bought a digital copy of Morrowind GOTY in a very good sale off some very legit and established website. Turned out it had Impulse DRM that prevented using the script extender, without which essential community mods won’t run.
I fumed a bit and got myself a Steam account (I used to think it was EVIL). But at least there were enough Beth sales as good as that one or even better, so I had my non-crippled MW GOTY soon enough.
Oh yeah – I’d had The Guild II series off the first website, too. But one day the servers just stopped connecting – Russia wasn’t officially off the list, but the timeouts were murderous.
Y’know, I came across another legit established website where I bought the Renaissance version of the game in a crazy sale. In a form I could back up non-encrypted (still using that same installer actually).
I also bought the original Assassin’s Creed in another crazy sale to check it out.
Flash forward to my Win8 machine… that refused to run the Ubisoft online activation.
I fumed a bit, but it’s not a game I play that often… so I waited a bit longer and got the director’s cut edition from GOG (where I’d long had an account for the sake of legitimately replaying all the oldies I played in the 90s, when I had them installed off very questionable media… and all those I didn’t play as well).
Oh yeah… in a yet another crazy sale on GOG I got an extra copy of The Guild II: Renaissance. Just in case.

I actually lost count of how much stuff I bought off GOG in those sales.

Including a yet another MW GOTY.

And I know I will not regret it – because GOG means the DRM-free revolution and unprecedented work ethics otherwise.

This is one of the companies I would honestly love to work for. But it’s too late.


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