on the subject of covers

I finally found where these guys uploaded their recordings. Basically they are what it says on the tin – a Blind Guardian tribute band… and a good one at that.

What makes them particularly unique is that their singer really has the better parts of Hansi’s mid-high range down pat – however, you can hear he’s not as “demonic” a bit lower (I guess this is why most people who like playing the “Fach this singer” game lump Mr Kürsch with the baritones – but more on that later).

…have the original studio recording for contrast…

But you know what I am thinking?

“If I sounded any bit as good as Hansi, I’d be out there doing my own stuff.”

I love covers. That’s the “classical” music fan in me speaking – the joy of contrasting different performances of the same “standard” is great (and both BG and W.A.S.P. have done a fair share of brilliant covers). But I’m not sure I understand the “tribute” phenomenon outside of its educational value (i.e. you copy and you learn). Okay, it’s cool you have managed to learn to do something as beautifully as your idol. Now go and apply these skills to something useful.

Singing pre-written stuff is for classical vocalists and pop stars. If you are a “rocker”, why aren’t you writing your own music??


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