what a singer’s worth

Ария and Кипелов inevitably make me think of Victor Smolski, a wonderful Belarusian guitarist who had played a long time with Peavy Wagner’s Rage and finally quit this year. You can imagine he speaks Russian well, being from a neighbouring country, and so he kinda hung out with these folks for a while. Which generated some controversy, but I’m not really going into that.

What I want to say is that Victor Smolski once produced a sort of a compilation for the Nuclear Blast record company, called “Into the Light”, featuring various tracks sung by a basically who’s who in Teutonic sympho/power/speed metal (and Tarja Turunen).

Two tracks – one of them the one given to Tarja – were covers of Victor’s older band, Mind Odyssey. The other one was entrusted to none other than Hansi Kürsch (believe me, I would have said “the one who can’t do wrong”, but there’s that guest performance on a Van Canto album – which is best described as “lacklustre”… so this would be technically a marketing lie).

It’s a very non-BG kinda track, although it also has a bit of electronics going on; and Hansi uses his rougher style on there, which goes so well with electronics, so a decidedly interesting one to listen to:

So I went and found the original. Here is the album on Yandex.Music, Russia’s leading legal streaming music provider, – but I don’t know if you can listen to it outside of Russia and neighbouring countries. It won’t hurt to try, though.

The arrangement is virtually the same (I would even say the same backing tracks are being used), but…


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