I’m an idiot

Remember I said my render scripts don’t support motion blur? Because I can’t seem to figure out how to do it in scripted rendering, what with the docs being what they are?

The answer is:


You just set up your animation, go back to the “normal” 3Delight panel in render settings, turn motion blur on and set it up, samples and all, the way you want.

Then you go back to scripted rendering and enjoy your motion blur in the 3DL raytracer with all the options you could ever want.

No. [SEHT]. What a relief.

Bonus tip: to motion-blur a group of instances, animate not the group (this won’t blur at all, “scripted” or not) but its original object.

…randomly instance a few groups of droplet-shaped objects and motion-blur them to get rain. Sim some puddles/drop impacts in Blender and instance them over the ground.


4 thoughts on “I’m an idiot

  1. Ummm….can I join the club?

    I feel so stupid, too…because I knew that there were some settings that carried over to scripted, but never even thought to check motion blur…

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