adventures in Win10

I don’t want to roll back because I’m stubborn. But holy hell do I dislike most of the changes… especially being stuck with that sans-serif font for the interface.

I want hot corners and charms back; I want everything that’s been moved out of the control panel into the ‘parameters’ to be merged back; I want the app screen the Win8 style, not that semi-start-menu (even when expanded, it’s not the same); or at least, I want the search to work properly because hunting down apps by folder names is too dinosaurish and time-consuming.

Okay, the search being basically useless is likely some bug specific to my machine (need to research fixes); but the controls being split up between CP and those ‘parameters’, now that’s crazy.

Other than that, it seems to be okay. I got more BSoDs, though – first in Substance Designer, which was expected cuz Iray, duh. Then in Substance Painter which shouldn’t be Iray-enabled, but I was moving presets around with it open, so maybe that’s the issue. And then one kinda random – but that was DirectX-related apparently, judging by the error message; the Iray-related ones are usually kernel exceptions.

I have since done a lot of driver updating for the whole system, but it looks like it’s the particular GPU that is acting up – GeForce GT 740M, which looks to have become prone to driver-related weirdness resulting in BSoDs and subsequent Code 43s (according to various forums etc).

What I did to DS to minimize the chance of crashing was remove physically all the Iray libraries (bridges included) and set it to use the Intel integrated video. No viewport performance difference, it seems. Actually even Substance Painter can run on integrated video these days.

Overall DS is doing fine on my Win10, same as Blender. I successfully ran water sims in Blender and used Tofusan’s surface replicator script in DS, the latter with the instance limit relaxed (okay, it was ten thousand tiny cones over an organic shape from Sculptris, but ten thousand instanced in a few minutes and rendered in under one)… LAMH didn’t manage to create even a measly hundred instances in a manageable time – I had to force close DS when I got tired of waiting.

I downloaded some Poser freebies that have all sorts of trouble with being saved in DS scenes, but that’s not a Win10 issue, I guess.

I ran into a major freeze with Houdini’s Mantra in PBR mode, but that’s kinda okay because I have just started poking around in the non-commercial edition and thus can be doing very stupid things.


2 thoughts on “adventures in Win10

  1. “I downloaded some Poser freebies that have all sorts of trouble with being saved in DS scenes, but that’s not a Win10 issue, I guess. ”

    There seems to be a lot of that going around…and I blame the freebies. It looks to me, at least the ones I’ve messed with (pulled hair out over) have some sort of inherent geometry weirdness. I think this latest incarnation of Studio is more standards compliant (at least on the geometry side of things…or at least stricter). Poser never was that great at keeping to the standards. A lot of the sloppy modeling (and some just plain wrong) techniques are directly traceable to Poser.

    1. Totally agree about Poser being the sloppiness haven.

      These particular models are the free cars from the OnTarget site – Wowie gets an error when reloading a scene with Shelby Cobra, and I get missing geometry. All of it. I know how to put it back, but it’s damn annoying to do it every time. Maybe saving it out as a duf figure should help…
      Then there is a 1910 limousine model which is nice, glass with thickness etc, but DS plain out refused to save a scene with it. I’m not in the mood for fussing with fixing these models right now, so perfecting the car paint preset will have to wait.

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